Patient & Kind Tech Support

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What do you want help with?

I can help you with things like:

  • Setting up your smartphone?

  • Sending a text or email using just your voice so you don't have to type?

  • Setting up a smart light so you can turn on the light at night by just talking?

  • Finding a trustworthy place to repair your broken smartphone.

  • Learning how to text?

    • Standard texting

    • WhatsApp

    • Signal Private Messenger

    • Telegram Messenger

    • Facebook Messenger

    • Whatever messenger you can think of

  • Fixing your phone so it can receive or send picture messages.

  • Making sure your phone is backed up

  • Adding security to all your accounts

    • How to setup Second Factor Authentication (2FA)

      1. Google Authenticator

      2. Microsoft Authenticator

      3. Bitwarden Password Manager

      4. LassPass Password Manager

  • Accessing a Zoom meeting

  • Creating and scheduling your own Zoom meeting

What do you want to learn?

  • How to reduce your TV, Internet and Phone bills?

  • How to backup your photos?

  • How to backup your whole computer?

  • How to get help from your grandchild (because they'll do it for free).

  • How to use a word processor

  • How to use a spreadsheet

  • How to make us an app to remind your self of things

Why call Luke?

  • Because I have a way with words

  • I'm patient and kind

  • I'll write you some instructions so you can remember what to do next time.

My dad after I help him fix his damn phone!