Reason's why you most likely don't own Tesla stock

First Published: Monday October 12, 2020
Author: Luke Morrison
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Basically, not very many people understand Tesla, I mean, most people don't understand Tesla's mission statement and that said, most people don't understand Elon Musk, either.

I love what Elon said in his last interview with Kara Swisher, on her podcast SWAY from the New York Times. In the interview, she pushes Musk about the crazy price of Tesla stock or something like that. He stops her and corrects her. He basically says If you don't like Tesla stock sell it. Stop bitching.

And then he goes into why.

The reasons he goes into are stated on Tesla's website I'll read that for you now.

It reads:

"Tesla’s mission is to accelerate the world’s transition to sustainable energy.

Tesla was founded in 2003 by a group of engineers who wanted to prove that people didn’t need to compromise to drive electric – that electric vehicles can be better, quicker and more fun to drive than gasoline cars. Today, Tesla builds not only all-electric vehicles but also infinitely scalable clean energy generation and storage products. Tesla believes the faster the world stops relying on fossil fuels and moves towards a zero-emission future, the better.

Launched in 2008, the Roadster unveiled Tesla’s cutting-edge battery technology and electric powertrain. From there, Tesla designed the world’s first ever premium all-electric sedan from the ground up – Model S – which has become the best car in its class in every category. Combining safety, performance, and efficiency, Model S has reset the world’s expectations for the car of the 21st century with the longest range of any electric vehicle, over-the-air software updates that make it better over time, and a record 0-60 mph acceleration time of 2.28 seconds as measured by Motor Trend. In 2015, Tesla expanded its product line with Model X, the safest, quickest and most capable sport utility vehicle in history that holds 5-star safety ratings across every category from the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration. Completing CEO Elon Musk’s “Secret Master Plan,” in 2016, Tesla introduced Model 3, a low-priced, high-volume electric vehicle that began production in 2017. Soon after, Tesla unveiled the safest, most comfortable truck ever – Tesla Semi – which is designed to save owners at least $200,000 over a million miles based on fuel costs alone. In 2019, Tesla unveiled Model Y, a mid-size SUV, with seating for up to seven, and Cybertruck, which will have better utility than a traditional truck and more performance than a sports car.

Tesla vehicles are produced at its factory in Fremont, California, and Gigafactory Shanghai. To achieve our goal of having the safest factories in the world, Tesla is taking a proactive approach to safety, requiring production employees to participate in a multi-day training program before ever setting foot on the factory floor. From there, Tesla continues to provide on-the-job training and track performance daily so that improvements can be made quickly. The result is that Tesla’s safety rate continues to improve while production ramps.

To create an entire sustainable energy ecosystem, Tesla also manufactures a unique set of energy solutions, Powerwall, Powerpack and Solar Roof, enabling homeowners, businesses, and utilities to manage renewable energy generation, storage, and consumption.

Supporting Tesla’s automotive and energy products is Gigafactory 1 – a facility designed to significantly reduce battery cell costs. By bringing cell production in-house, Tesla manufactures batteries at the volumes required to meet production goals, while creating thousands of jobs.

And this is just the beginning.

With Tesla building its most affordable car yet, Tesla continues to make products accessible and affordable to more and more people, ultimately accelerating the advent of clean transport and clean energy production. Electric cars, batteries, and renewable energy generation and storage already exist independently, but when combined, they become even more powerful – that’s the future we want."

This is definitely a future I want and one I want my new niece to live in.

I want to be able to drive a quiet vehicle that doesn't spew carbon into our air. That lasts a long time. That is an investment not a liability.

It's definitely why I'm on the list to buy a Cybertruck! I really wanted a Cyber Van. But that hasn't been created yet!

I like the Cybertruck because:

  1. It's made by a company I admire.

  2. Tesla sells direct to the customer, so I'm not paying a sales person commission to buy one.

  3. All the money Tesla makes on a sale is invested back into the company and savings are passed back to future customers. I and other customer pay more now to make so Tesla can make future cars cheaper for others in the future. Check out the planned 25,000 US Dollar Tesla Car that will soon be in everyone's driveway.

  4. Cybertrucks are made of Stainless Steal! Stainless lasts a really long time!

  5. It will be able to run all my electric tools on a jobsite all day! It's like a huge generator!

  6. It will eventually be able to go pick up my mom and take her to my sisters while I'm doing something else. We might all save 60 to 100 thousand dollars collectively as a family because we only need one or maybe two vehicles between us all.

  7. It will last for a lifetime, maybe even multiple lifetimes.

  8. The battery is 100% recyclable.

  9. It will most likely make me money by being a Robo-Taxi.

  10. And of course, it's a Cyberpunk truck!

Who wouldn't want a vehicle like that?

Musk goes on and on about the nature of money anytime he is asked, he does it almost, incessantly. If you listen to Elon Musk much online, or follow some of his tweeting, you will hear him often say something to the effect, "Money is for building things not hording, or something along those lines."

Just a little while ago, he divested of all his houses, because he got sick of having people tell him that he was just another rich billionaire. If you look further back in time, you will see that Elon Musk has almost gone broke, on so many occasions that he has pretty much lost count. He has gone all-in, all the time. He chooses to risk everything for his vision to transition the world off of fossil fuels onto sustainable energy, before too late.

He was saying this when he was a young boy, he was saying it when he was in high school. He was saying it when he was in university. His message has always been the same. This is one of the reasons why I love Tesla. It's why I wish I didn't listen to all my traditional investment mentors. If I had followed my impulse I'd have invested in Telsa long ago. I won't make that mistake when Space X or Startlink go public! Make sure you don't either!

Another reason I like Musk is I too started my career at Scotiabank, just after Elon had finished his short career at Scotiabank in Toronto. That is where he learned about banking and the created the opportunity to change the narrative when it came to money. He probably thought to himself. Bankers are misguided and they develop things so so slowly! So he created. which was bought and renamed to PayPal. The sale of PayPal is where he and his brother made their huge windfall and and they reinvested that money into what we see today as Tesla and SpaceX and now that has morphed into Neuralink, Starlink, The Boring Company, which by the way now makes bricks for 10 cents piece and is donating them all to community housing projects who can't afford building materials. Why did he do that you might ask? Just because he wanted to, I'm thinking.

Neuralink is a pretty cool company. It could revolutionize a lot of nerve and brain issues that confound us today. I have a cousin who is a quadriplegic. He literally cannot move anything. He was born with a genetic disease called Limb-Girdle Muscular Dystrophy a MD variant that normally kills you before you are 35. That was when he was supposed to die when he was in his 30s but he still alive and kicking. I introduced him to Elon Musk and Tesla, and now he loves Tesla, too. He didn't even know about it until I told him about it. And now he's investing, too. But what's really cool is if Don keeps on living for another 10 years he'll be able to get a Neuralink which will potentially enable him to control a computer with his mind and to possibly even walk again. Isn't that a cool incentive to keep on living!?

I have a prediction about Tesla and Starlink. just like Amazon stock is around 3000 USD a share today you will see Tesla stock hit 4000 USD or even more. I feel this will be true because I am watching what tesla is doing, closely. If you follow Tesla and see how much infrastructure and intellectual knowledge they have as compared to the nearest competitor Tesla has the potential to grow even more. Nobody is even close. Another think most don't know about Tesla is they also supply car and battery parts and IP to other companies.

You might think how could Tesla become valued even more than it does today, That's a lot, you might say.

Well this is because Elon Musk, Tesla and Space X (which is still a private company) has more on the ground infrastructure and intellectual property invested in the process of building cars, alternative energy solutions, and now 100% in house recycling of batteries. I have heard people say it's never been done so it must be because it can't be done. There must be a reason it isn't being done. We'll they are wrong it is becoming a reality for the first time in human history. It's all happening, as we speak.

As Elon outlined in Tesla's last shareholder meeting he aptly called Tesla Battery Day he and his amazing staff went through the economics and the technical reasons why the world hasn't been able to do what Tesla is currently doing.

Most people aren't listening and are missing Elon's message. This is because today's storyline and narratives. Simply eclipse you from hearing about Tesla unless you go looking. Today's narrative only focuses on the shareholder and the value of a companies stock.

I worked at Scotiabank for The better part of 20 years until I was laid off.

Now It's just a memory.

But I look back and I can remember many many conversations with many of my colleagues at Scotiabank and they would remind me continually. I was told, it's not about what the bank wants its about the shareholder and everything we do has to be for that stock and that helps the shareholder. I would always roll my eyes and sometimes get myself into trouble, because I didn't care about the stock. I cared about the customer.

I cared, that they got good support and a product and service that was reasonably priced. I was continually reminded too stop thinking that way. The bank is here to make money.

Well, I disagreed. I still do . In my opinion the banks are here to keep people's money safe not to simply leverage people's money so that they can get richer and definitely not so a bank CEO can become multi millionaire. That's just wrong.

In a way, I feel, Elon Musk agrees with this. I feel this is because he creates companies that leverage money and continually make things cheaper and he does not believe in artificially keeping the price his to make more profits. This new adage is appealing to the current generation at hand in such a way that Tesla buyers are spending more money on average to buy a Tesla that is a promise and also delivers on that promise.

The promise is that it will keep on getting better, and, cheaper; that it will last a long time and it will make the world a better place.

Elon is flipping the script, soon it just won't make sense to buy a car that rusts into the ground and literally shakes it's self to death all while you pour the blood of the earth into it and watch convert it to toxins that billow out of it as smog going directly into the air we breath.

Instead you will see a purpose built vehicle that serves it's users for a lifetime and doesn't have built in obsolescence. That is supported by a household energy system that creates more power than it consumes and just makes you smile when you see it and use it. You also know in your heart that you are part of the solution and no longer part of the problem.

Have a great day,


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